Our Story

Muoto2 was founded in 2010. The idea behind the company was to combine design, manufacturing and product developing under the same roof. Two designers, Kirsi Pasanen and Mikko Kentta founded the company and it was one of the first in the area to have their own production.

The thought behind the name of Muoto2 (= Form2) was a design in a space and the number of founders of the company. Muoto2 designs and manufactures; home furnishings and larger entities to public spaces.

The company has broadened their business constantly. At first it was located in a small rented warehouse in Vääksy but nowadays their factory in Lahti is almost 400 m2. They have facilities to do comprehensive carpentry and paintings.

One of the most important thing for Muoto2 is customer-oriented approaching and satisfied customer, whatever the project is. They are well-known for their problem solving skills and customers can contact them also in more difficult projects.

In addition to Kirsi and Mikko, a full-time carpenter Jari is working in the factory. During busy times there is also a few seasonal helpers. Muoto2 is also offering internships for students.

Good co-operation network allows them to process and subcontract also other materials besides wood and metal. For Muoto2 is important to use Finnish materials and know-how.

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Best regards,
Kirsi and Mikko, Muoto2​

Kirsi Pasanen CV

Mikko Kentta CV

We have been featured in several domestic and foreign press. Below are a few selected highlights over the years accumulated journal stories.