Pöytä54 is an ideal table for dining or conference either at home or the office. The table has been named after the very first piece of Pöytä54 which was made from 54 bars of recycled wood.

Pöytä54 has an innovative leg construction beneath the table cover. Because of the glueing technique the table is sturdy and it does not need any supporting structures. The table is available in solid birch or oak and the metal parts are available in white or black.

This product is manufactured in Muoto2’s own factory in Lahti, Finland. The metal parts come from a local company. Designers: Kirsi Pasanen and Mikko Kentta.

2000 x 900 x 720 mm
2200 x 900 x 720 mm
2500 x 1000 x 720 mm
3000 x 1000 x 720 mm

Pöytä is available with black or white metalparts.
Color doesn't affect to price.

Delivery time 2-6 weeks.
Free delivery inside Finland.